Voices from Ravensbrück

Poems from the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück

An art project by Pat Binder


Voices from Ravensbrück was conceived and realized by Pat Binder - see Biography. Year of publication: 2000. Awarded the Marianne von Willemer Prize of the city of Linz, Austria, in 2002.


Pat Binder
Heilbronner Str. 3
D - 10779 Berlin

© Copyright:

Website, videostills / animations: Pat Binder
Poems: the respective authors or their descendants
Texts: Constanze Jaiser
Photos, drawings: Ravensbrück Memorial

All rights reserved worldwide.


On the Meaning of the Poems
Text by Constanze Jaiser

The Women's Concentration Camp
Chronological Table

A Virtual Place
of Remembrance

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