Voices from Ravensbrück

Poems from the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück

An art project by Pat Binder

Ravensbrück, located 70 km north of Berlin, was Germany's largest women's concentration camp. From 1939 to 1945, approximately 132,000 women from 47 countries were imprisoned there due to their race, religion, ideology or their social behavior. More than half were executed or died from malnutrition, sickness, exhaustion from very heavy labor or from the aftereffects of medical experiments.

As far as we can tell, at least 1200 poems were written in the concentration camp. My project is intended as a metaphorical space for an encounter with these "Voices from Ravensbrück." Drawings done in the camp and additional information should give an impression of the conditions under which the poems were created.

It is with deeply felt respect that I dedicate this project to the women of Ravensbrück who sought strength, consolation and spiritual survival in art.


On the Meaning of the Poems
Text by Constanze Jaiser

The Women's Concentration Camp
Chronological Table

A Virtual Place
of Remembrance

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