Voices from Ravensbrück

Poems from the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück

An art project by Pat Binder


I would especially like to thank Constanze Jaiser for the opportunity to gain insight into her research and for the intensive collaboration without which my art project would hardly have been possible.

My heartfelt thanks also belong to all of those who supported me in the realization, most of all:
Sigrid Jacobeit and Cord Pagenstecher from the Ravensbrück Memorial, who made images and other documents available to me; Gerhard Haupt for his suggestions and constructive criticism; Jorge Binder for the arrangement of the sound sequences; Rebeccah Blum for her sensitive translations into English

For the financial support I'd like to thank: the Program for the Sponsorship of Women's Research of the Berlin Senate, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology, Montréal.


On the Meaning of the Poems
Text by Constanze Jaiser

The Women's Concentration Camp
Chronological Table

A Virtual Place
of Remembrance

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