Alice Lesser

Alice Lesser is born on 1-15-1881 as Alice Frankenthal. On 11-2-1939, she is registered on the entrance list of the concentration camp Ravensbrück as a political refugee. She turns up in a preserved block book as belonging to Block 1. Alice Lesser survives almost five years of concentration camp imprisonment. She goes to Brazil. From the time of her imprisonment come the verses written in memory of Käthe Leichter as well as two other poems. In addition, a little book is archived at the MG Ravensbrück. It contains poems about fruits and flowers, depicts a kind of seasonal calender and is headed with "From the Twelve Months of A. Lesser." In the second section is an excerpt from Rilke's novel "Erlebnisse des Malte Brigg". The greater number of the imprisoned women were used for the upkeep of the camp. They were ordered by the SS to take care of food and clothing. In the extending of the camp grounds the women had to perform hard work. They built streets as well as the SS housing directly adjacent to the bunker. The path into the today's memorial, a cobblestone road with the name "Street of Nations," belongs to the work performed by the imprisoned women, work they had to perform under force and life-threatening effort.

Constanze Jaiser

12 prisoners are bridled to a planing roller.
Ravensbrück Memorial.
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Jodwiga Simon Pietkiewicz:
Woman with pickaxe.
Ravensbrück Memorial.
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Eliane Jeannin-Garreau:
Prisoners on their way to earthwork.
Ravensbrück Memorial.
Helen Ernst
Ravensbrück Memorial.
France Audoul:
La carriere de sable.
Ravensbrück Memorial.
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