Micheline Maurel

Micheline Maurel is arrested in Lyon, France in 1943 and is carried off to Ravensbrück. Among other things, she works in the "Revier," the concentration camp infirmary, where she manages to find the opportunity to write in secret. In the satellite camp Neubrandenburg, to which she is later deported, she writes many poems, also translating Polish poems into French. She survives imprisonment, returns to France and remains active as an author.

Prison in Ravensbrück,
called "Bunker" by the imprisoned.

The poem appeared, together with an accompanying letter, in December 1995 in the magazine "Ravensbrück" (p. 5). The French poet Micheline Maurel reconstructed the text encompassing two entire pages at the request of a comrade. She herself had written it during her imprisonment in Neubrandenburg, a satellite camp of Ravensbrück. In her opinion, the text was never worth the effort of being published since only women who were imprisoned in Ravensbrück could understand it. However, she felt that they would perhaps be "amused" at this "old text from our yet uninhibited starting time." An indication of how much worse it must have been for her in the period following.

Constanze Jaiser

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