Alberto Simon

Neue Bezirksanordnung (less is more)

With the rearrangement of Berlin's 16 districts into just a handful, by combining adjoining ones into composite "Bezirke", a new situation emerged that demanded a full reassessment of the role this Capital city wants to play in the world arena. 765 years after it first
was mentioned in a written document and with a long history and rich tradition of of bridging east and west, the reshuffling of the "Bezirke" provides Berlin with a leaner administrative apparatus that is essential for a global player to perform according to the demands and
challenges encountered in present-day political and economic realities.

The new "Bezirksanordnung" drasticaly reduces the degree of difficulty of piecing together the Berlin's jigsaw puzzle to a level that any 3-year-old child could easily accomplish. The picture that emerges reveals a new found cohesiveness, away from the previous balkanized patchwork, that is both refreshing and imperative for Berlin to continue its long metamorphosis from being a backwater seat of a poor monarchy into the
vibrant Capital city of the Federal Republic.

With its Gesamtbezirke approach, this postcard series celebrates Berlin of the new millenium and uncovers a trove of gems to be found by the open-minded explorer of the urban landscape.