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The Project

The Foto/Graphik Galerie Käthe Kollwitz is the result of a public-art-competition, called in to design a »memory mark« on the site of the house of Karl and Käthe Kollwitz in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg.

The draftswoman, graphic artist and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz is considered as one of the most important German artists. This project is a homage to her humanistic work and socially commited life.

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historical photo of the sculpture
The Background

For years, the sculpture »Mother with Two Children«, attributed to the artist, marked the place of her house, destroyed by a bomb in 1943. At the time, when the construction of a new building was about to begin, a protected location was found for the restored sculpture within the gardens of the District Office. Early in 1997 a public art competition was called in by the Kulturamt and the Builiding Society Prenzlauer Berg for the creation of a new »Memory Mark«. The concept submitted by the artist Pat Binder convinced the selection committee.
The Gallery

Location of the Foto/Graphik Galerie Käthe Kollwitz
The Concept

The Foto/Graphik Galerie Käthe Kollwitz is an illuminated billboard in front of the building at Kollwitzstraße 56A (corner Knaackstr.). Since October 1997, Pat Binder presents artworks of artist colleagues in a quaterly rotation. According to a contemporary approach, the artwoks owe respect to the humanistic spirit of creation of Käthe Kollwitz.

With his project, an active Memory Mark (Denkzeichen), as well as a new possibility for art presentation in the urban space was created. The public-relations work and the openings of each presentation are an important part of the project, through which the attention for the motive of the »Denkzeichen« is kept alive.

Further statements about the concept on the page of the artist.
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