Käthe Kollwitz


Selfportrait. 1924
Selfportrait, 1890
1867Born on the 8th July in Königsberg.

1885-90Studied with Stauffer-Bern in Berlin and with Herterich in Munich.

1890First etchings

1891Marriage with Dr. Karl Kollwitz, moving to Berlin's district Prenzlauer Berg.

1892Birth of her son Hans.

1893Premiere of Gerhard Hauptmann's drama »Die Weber«, which inspired her to her graphic series »Ein Weberaufstand« (A weaver's revolt) (1893-98).

1896Birth of her son Peter.

1898»Ein Weberaufstand« is exhibited at the Great Berlin's Art Exhibition.

1900Professor at the Women Artist's School in Berlin for about 3 years .

1902-08Etching series »Bauernkrieg«. (Farmer war)

1904Stayed in Paris, studied the foundations of sculptural work at the Académy Julian.

1907A year in Florence (»Villa Romana Prize«).

1910First sculptural works.

1914Son Peter is killed in Flanders (22./23. October).

1917Anniversary exhibition at Paul Cassirer's for her 50th birthday.

1919Member of the Academy of Arts, awarded the title of »Professor«.

1920First wood-cuts.

1922-23Creates the series »War«

1923-24Creation of numerous posters.

1927Trip to Moskow

1928Direction of the Master's Studio for Graphic Arts at the Academy of Arts.

1933Is forced to leave the Academy; she looses her position as the director of the Master's Studio for Graphic Arts.

1934-35Lithography series »Death«.

1936Inofficial exhibition prohibition, removal of works in public collections. Mainly occupation in small sculptures.

1940Death of Karl Kollwitz.

1943-44Resettlement outside of Berlin, due to the increasing air raids, first in Nordhausen and finally in Moritzburg near Dresden.

1943The house of the artist in Berlin is destroyed by a bomb.

1945Käthe Kollwitz dies on April 22nd in Moritzburg.

The Widow. 1922/23
Biographical data from the booklet of the Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum in Berlin