Esther Shalev-Gerz
Born in Lituania, studies in art at the Bezalel Akademy in Jerusalem

1980-81Residency in New York

1981-83Professorship at the Bezalel Akademie in Jerusalem and at the Art Scholl Bat-Yam, Tel Aviv

since 1984lives and works in Paris

1990DAAD Fellowship in Berlin

She realizes threedimensional and photo-based works, projections and projects in the public space, among others (together with Jochen Gerz):

Das Harburger Mahnmal gegen Faschismus, Hamburg 1986

The Dispersal of Seeds, the Collection of Ashes, Genf 1995 and Marl 1996

Das 20. Jahrhundert, Oberhausen 1996

Reasons for Smiles, initiated 1996

The Geese of Feliferhof, Graz 1996-97

Die Berliner Ermittlung, Berlin 1998