Martin Colden


Martin Colden's whole oeuvre is characterized by a distinctly graphic perseption. His drawings and prints stand out through the simplicity of their forms, which are concentrated fully on only the essential aspects. The process of drawing is Colden's conquering of the world, drawing is for him a means to record and define ideas. His works are partly symbolic, partly representational, whereby this should not be understood in the sense of mere depiction: the texture of the lines is at all times rather an indicaton of finiteness and decline. Colden's works challenge the viewer to linger in their observation, for they can never be characerized by the purely superficial aesthetics which are today all too common. (Catalog Printing House Conrad, 2003)

1955 born in Rostock, Germany

1976 -1981
Studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.

Lives as an artist since 1983 in Berlin.

Fellowship of the Berlin Senats

Award: Kunstpreis Berlin

Printmaking Prize Dresden / f6 Phillip Morris Prize for drawing and printmaking

Photography grant Lotto Brandenburg GmbH

Current exhibitions in Berlin:
Galerie im Turm (until 27.5.2005)
Galerie Mitte (until 4.6.2005)