Ministry of Waste Disposal /
Department: Arts
, 1994

Exhibition »All & Tag«, Dresden
Installation at the Gallery Rähnitzgasse and action in its neighbourhood (details)
Archive box, milk bottles, water, oil, photo documentation

Dear neighbor:
»The milkman already was here...« is an art action of the project All&Tag of the Gallery Rähnitzgasse.

This »milk bottle«, you can:
a) keep as a work of art
b) dispose as garbage at the Ministry of Waste Disposal / Department: Arts

Many thanks. P.B.

With this request I left a milk bottle, whose cream layer was black waste oil, in front of every door at the Rähnitzgasse Street in Dresden. The gallery, as the Arts Department of this imaginary office, was supposed to carry out a statistic of »milk bottles« declared as »garbage« and care about their disposal.

My considerations were among others: Which responsibilities for maintaining our natural basic living conditions carry the arts and culture? Are ecological considerations a hindrance of the expression liberty? Who distinguishes art from garbage?

Pat Binder
©  Pat Binder